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  • BOGO for your Valentine!

    Searching for the perfect Valentine's Day gift?  Find the perfect crystal jewelry piece for yourself AND your Valentine!  Its Buy One Get One at 50...
  • Crystals for Scorpio

    This months bracelet was designed for you, mysterious Scorpio.  This combination of black labradorite and moonstone will allow you to discover a spiritual expansion and tune into the higher levels of your mind and spirit.  

  • All jewelry is now in stock and ready to ship!

    We have been busy over the past few months as our business grows.  To best serve our clients, we now create and stock all of our own products. This means most orders are processed the same day they are received and ship that day or the next day depending on your time of order.  We are also able to fulfill custom orders in just a few days.

    Our Waterfront Artist™ brand is exclusive to StoneKarma and if its not here, its not the Waterfront Artist™ quality workmanship or fine quality stones. 


  • Waterfront Artist™ Designs from StoneKarma

    Waterfront ArtistWe are thrilled to now have exclusive designs from Waterfront Artist™ created specifically for StoneKarma.  Each stone is hand picked and only the highest quality stones are used in Waterfront  Artist™ jewelry.  The beauty of these stones is exquisite and you will be proud to surround yourself with these lovely designs with the added benefit of their inherent healing properties.
  • Giving Back

    Giving back has always been a part of who we are.  We donate $2.00 for each piece of jewelry sold, to St.Jude Children's Research Hospital.  The children are our future and supporting the efforts of St. Jude and their devotion and support of kids and their families is one way we choose to stay involved. No family pays for the health care they receive at St. Jude and this relieves a heavy burden and allows parents to focus on the health of their child.  You can donate to St Jude and find out more about their programs here.  Thank you for your purchase - it helps contribute to an amazing cause.
  • Discovering Crystal Healing

    Discovering crystals was a part of my journey and a part of my healing.  Its hard to believe that a small stone is capable of changing your bodies energy flow, but for me the difference was profound.  Crystals have been used for years in science and technology as conductors of energy, so it is logical that they can also effect our internal energies.  I am not a doctor, nor an expert on crystals. I am just like you, curious about finding alternatives to achieving and maintaining good health both physically, mentally, and spiritually.