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Discovering Crystal Healing

My journey to discovering crystals was not a straight path!  Perhaps like myself you experienced health issues along the line and after many years became frustrated with traditional medicine.  After placing trust in many doctors who never truly determined the cause for my digestive issues, I began doing my own research.  Along that road I discovered some natural supplements that provided more relief than prescription medicines.  That was the start of a journey to healing and, along with a wonderful Integrative Physician, I chose a holistic approach that includes utilizing the gifts that Mother Earth readily provides.

Discovering crystals was a part of my journey and continue to be a part of my healing.  Its hard to believe that a small stone is capable of changing your bodies energy flow, but for me the difference was profound.  Crystals have been used for years in science and technology as conductors of energy, so it is logical that they can also effect our internal energies.  I am not a doctor, nor an expert on crystals. I am just like you, curious about finding alternatives to achieving and maintaining good health physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Now, feeling better than I have in the past 16 years, I am sharing my experience and introducing you to the healing power of crystals.  StoneKarma is dedicated to sharing the knowledge I continue to gain along this journey and providing beautiful quality natural stone crystal jewelry that allows you to wear and keep your special crystals close. 

Take a tour of our products and see what crystals call out to you.  They often choose us, not the other way around.  Or search the information about each stone to find those that will aid you with your desired intention.  Come along with me on a healing journey.