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focus and protection bracelet

♥ FOCUS & HEALING 8mm Amethyst, Quartz Bracelet with Flower of Life

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This focus & healing bracelet is accented with a pewter Flower of Life charm.  One size fits most (7.5").  The combination of the Flower of Life, Quartz and Amethyst will aid in calming, balance, self-control, promote healing, and keeping your energy clean and clear.

Clear Quartz Crystal- The purifying energy of quartz helps your to focus your intentions.  A stone of power, it helps the wearer to increase their energy towards an intention.  Quartz crystal healing powers helps to protect against negativity in daily life, provides aid to the immune system, memory and pain.

Amethyst - is known as a very strong healing and protective stone and is linked to the crown chakra.  It is helpful in purifying the mind and clearing it of negative thoughts. Helps to turn negative energy to positive energy - If someone is suffering from addictions, amethyst helps to relieve those addictions - It also helps to relieve migraines, headaches and those who suffer from continual nightmares, stress and anxiety.