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healing & protection bracelet

♥ HEALING & PROTECTION 8mm African Turquoise, Quartz Bracelet with Feather

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 This Healing & Protection bracelet is highlighted with a pewter leaf charm.  One size fits most (7.5").

Turquoise - a personal protection stone as well as a stone of friendship and communication. This beautiful stone has healing effects with its positive, life-affirming energies.  Directly connected to the healing energy of water, this is a wonderful stone to meditate with and to help with healing.  Program your turquoise to aid you with heath and happiness. Physically, turquoise is good for healing depression and panic attacks.  It is a stone of evolution and transformation.

Clear Quartz Crystal- The purifying energy of quartz helps your to focus your intentions.  A stone of power, it helps the wearer to increase their energy towards an intention.  Quartz crystal healing powers helps to protect against negativity in daily life, provides aid to the immune system, memory and pain.

Bracelet Materials:

Genuine Semi Precious Stones
Strong Elastic Band .7mm
Sterling Silver Accents
Vermeil Accents