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Use & Care of Gemstones

Caring for crystals

Once you receive your stones you will want to perform three steps to assure that your crystals can connect with you and provide your with their inherent energies and healing capabilities.

  • Clearing and energizing your stones
  • Programming your stones
  • Safely storing your stones

1.  Clearing and energizing your stones:  Before the use of your crystals it is very important to clear them.  Depending on the source of your stones, they may have been handled by numerous people prior to yourself.  You will want to clear them of any negativity they have absorbed and energize them so that they are free to work in your behalf.  There are several ways to do this and you can select the method that works best for you.

   a.  Use Sea salt and water - Make a mixture of sea salt and water and place the stone into the water mixture and leave it overnight.  If you are fortunate to live by the sea, you can use actual water from the ocean.  This method will work for non-brittle stones.  For more brittle stones, the salt may cause damage and you will want to select a different method below.

   b.  Use running water - This is a very effective and simple way to clear your stone.  Hold the stone under a stream of water and allow it to pour over all areas of the stone.  As you hold the stone under the water, ask that it be cleared of all negative energy and filled with wisdom. IMPORTANT NOTE:  There are some stones that should not be cleared with water as it will damage them.  Here is a list of some more common stones to keep away from water:  Desert Rose, Halite, Malachite and Selenite.

   c.  Clear using other stones - Citrine is an excellent clearing stone as it does not absorb negative energy and never needs to be cleared itself.  Cornelian and Clear Quartz Clusters also have the ability to clear other stones as long as they have been cleared.  For smaller stones you can simply add one of these stones to the bag where you store your stones.  For larger stones, you will want to be sure that the stone used for cleansing is larger than the stone being cleansed.  Set the smaller stone onto the clearing stone and leave overnight or until you sense that the stone has been cleared.

  d.  Smudging - This is an ancient practice that is used in Feng Shui, Native American ceremonies, and alternative healing practices.  Light a candle and focus your energy.  Light a sage smudge stick from the candle and gently wave it until it smolders.  Moving your smudge stick in a clockwise direction circle your stone so that the smoke surrounds your stone.  Then gently extinguish your stick in sand or use it to purify the rest of your space, moving in a clockwise motion around the room and returning to where you started.

  e.  Sunlight - Leave your stones outside in the sunlight for at least 4 hours.  Note that some stones like amethyst can be damaged by the sunlight so take care to know your stones and what may harm them prior to clearing them. 

2.  Programming your stone with your desired intention:  The power of the stones is best realized when you provide them with a specific intent, giving them a purpose.  This is how your crystal can be the most powerful and effective.  Its best to program your stones following your clearing of the stone.  Clear your mind and focus your thoughts and when you are ready, hold the stone in front of you and verbalize or pray to dedicate its energies to the highest good.  Then outloud, state your goals and intentions for the crystal so that it can focus its powerful energies towards your desired goal.  Share your needs with your crystal and speak to them as your friend, but don't confuse their intent with generalizations.  Make your intentions as specific as possible. 

I also feel compelled to pray for my crystals and always thank them and let them know that I am grateful.

3.  Storing your Crystals:  Many crystals are fragile and can fade when over exposed to sunlight so consider that when placing them around your home.  Always keep them in natural containers like wood or glass - never plastic.  You can keep them in stone bowl or if not actively using them, tuck them away and wrap them in a natural fabric like silk or cotton to help protect them and or place them in a wood box.