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The Healing Stones

Below you will find a brief summary about the world's amazing crystals...  each of these minerals is years in the making and are created from mother earth. 

"These crystals are made up of molecular structures that are in constant motion and each stone emits its own energy, frequency and vibration.  Their unique energies provide a bridge from our bodies to the earth and beyond."

These stones can have a direct interaction and effect on our spiritual, physical and emotional energies.  Once you gain an understanding of the inherent powers of these crystals, and how to use them, they can be utilized to aid in healing, meditation, emotional, physical & spiritual support and the results can be simply life changing as well as a continued lifestyle choice.

African Green Opal

African Green Opal:  This is a stone of healing and rejuvenation.  This opal includes green, black, brown and cream inclusions and is rich and deep in color when polished.  This amplifies love, passion, faithfulness, and loyalty.  If you find yourself stalled or otherwise stuck in place and unable to make progress, this stone's energies will propel your own energies to realize progress and new beginnings.

Metaphysical Attributes: Healing, Wisdom
Chakra:  Heart

African Turquoise African Turquoise:  This stone is actually a form of Jasper - a speckled teal jasper found in Africa.  It is known as the stone of evolution and brings positive change and encouragement for personal and spiritual growth.  For those who seek a higher spiritual purpose, this stone will guide you on this path.  
 Amazonite - the Amazonite is a powerful heart chakra stone that helps to release toxic emotions when placed on the chest.   It helps to strengthen intuition - Increases good fortune - Helps you stay focused when there are distractions around - Helps the lungs, throat, sinus and chest.  Amazonite brings clarity and meaning and as you interact with your stone, share your hopes and dreams so that your stone can help you find direction.
Amethyst - is known as a very strong healing and protective stone and is linked to the crown chakra.  It is helpful in purifying the mind and clearing it of negative thoughts. Helps to turn negative energy to positive energy - If someone is suffering from addictions, amethyst helps to relieve those addictions - It also helps to relieve migraines, headaches and those who suffer from continual nightmares, stress and anxiety.
Aquamarine - A stone of protection and courage, it helps to open the mind to acquire intellectual growth and inner knowledge.   Helps to promote verbal expression to strengthen verbal reasoning - Helps to bring peace and serenity to one’s mind - Helps to heal those suffering with any throat issues and autoimmune diseases.  Aquamarine helps to reconnect us to water, and the origins of life on the planet.  It provides a cool and refreshing energy.
aqua terra jasper
Aqua Terra Jasper - A stone of tranquility - Helps to bring inner peace - Attracts what you want in life - Helps to heal your health.  It is a wonderful stone for emotional healing.  It provides protection, and absorbs negative energy, creates a balance and aligns the physical, emotional and mental energies in our bodies.
Green Opal

Australian Green Opal -  This is an emotionally uplifting stone.  It releases blockages and stimulates energy flow.  It is a good crystal if you are recovering from an illness, or if you are mentally and/or physically fatigued.  Green Opals inspire creativity and help to release inhibitions.

Metaphysical Attributes: Cleansing, Healing, Prosperity
Chakra:  Heart

Aventurine - This stone creates harmony and balance while removing toxic energy and emotions.  It protects the heart and attracts love - It is a lucky stone as it attracts both success and abundance - Releases negativity and energy blockages - Helps to heal the lungs, heart and liver.  Because it is linked to the heart chakra, Aventurine is an excellent supporter for circulation of the heart to cleanse any aura of negativity. You will know feelings of optimism and gratitude for your gifts in life.
Black Obsidian Black Obsidian:  The truth stone, this stone will provide clarity and clear truth without doubt or negative thoughts.  This stone removes negative energies like anger, doubt, grief, criticism, and fear.  It can clear emotional and mental blockages.  It is associated with the guardian spirits who watch over us.
Black onyx
Black Onyx - Black Onyx encourages happiness and good fortune. It is a strength-giving stone and can aid with self-discipline.  It absorbs and transforms negative energy, and guards your personal energy.  A strong grounding stone, it helps to defend against negativity that may be directed at the wearer and helps to relieve negative feelings.  It brings self-confidence and sharpens the senses.
Black Tourmaline Black Tourmaline - one of the only stones that protects and heals on all four levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  It is unusual as it can hold an electric charge and can generate an electric charge when heated.  It can be used to absorb electromagnetic energy such as that energy emitted from a computer so it can be used to protect you from similar sources you may be around or encounter daily.  It is also a grounding stone and protects the wearer from negativity and can bring you  protection, grounding, health, happiness, luck, and positivity.
Blue Kyanite
Blue Kyanite - Helps to bring clarity through communication.  It aligns all of the chakras and is a great calming stone when the wearer is feeling anxious or when the wearer is preparing to meditate.  Blue kyanite helps the throat and brain areas and aids healing for thyroid issues, strokes, speech, neurological or brain disorders, and for anyone having surgeries or wounds in those areas.  It promotes honesty with communication and expression.
Bloodstone – ALso known as heliotrope, the "classic" bloodstone is green jasper (chalcedony) with red inclusions of hematite.  This is an intense healing stone used to cleanse and realign the lower chakras with the heart.  It provides emotional support while strengthening one’s capacity to function with strength and determination.  It brings enhancement to one’s true spirituality and is a stone of courage and deeper knowledge.
Bronzite - A strong grounding stone, it assists the wearer to be more decisive when it comes to decision making.  It Enhances creativity - Dispels any negative energy that may have been directed towards the wearer.  This stone is associated with imbalances in the energy associated with the Solar Plexus and Sacral.  It assists with balancing you physically enabling your body to fight infections and illnesses as it was designed to do.
Cape Amethyst
Cape Amethyst - Cape Amethyst is a form of amethyst with layers or bands of milky white quartz.  It is a rarer stone than the amethyst.  It is a good meditative and calming stone providing balance, patience, peace and inner strength.  It enhances one's intuition and creates a healing field around the wearer by repelling negativity.   Cape Amethyst can aid in acceptance of change and helps with addictions, strengthening the immune system and edema.
Carnelian - Carnelian, is a powerful Sacral Chakra Stone.  It increases personal power and physical energy, , enhances your creativity and provides courage. Carnelian focuses analytical thinking and capabilities, and aids when meditating as it creates the ability for deep concentration and focused uninterrupted thought.   Carnelian calms anger and grounds you in reality.  .A strong energy stone, it helps the wearer by increasing personal power and bringing courage and compassion when needed.  Carnelian helps to heal circulation issues, appetite and memory.
Citrine Citrine - is stone of abundance and can enrich your life by turning negative energy and thoughts into positive ones.  It is a stress reliever and increases will power and self confidence.  This stone can help you better visualize and achieve your dreams and desires.  Citrine has been a prized gem since 300 BC and is a high frequency energy stone that will infuse you with its light of joy and positivity.
Crystal Quartz
Clear Quartz Crystal- The purifying energy of quartz helps your to focus your intentions.  A stone of power, it helps the wearer to increase their energy towards an intention.  Quartz crystal healing powers helps to protect against negativity in daily life, provides aid to the immune system, memory and pain.
crazy lace agate Crazy Lace Agate: This stone brings joy and self satisfaction from accomplishments.  This stone is uplifting and brings the wearer a more optimistic view of life.  It is a stone of protection but also a strong healing stone as it brings balance to physical and emotional issues.  Allowing this stone to absorb your physical and emotional issues, it will balance and redirect the energies to positive endings.  The stone can be used to facilitate calm and focus your concentration and improving memory.
Dalmation Jasper
Dalmatian Jasper- supports the body’s physical balance and is an excellent stone for anyone who works or is involved in hobbies or sports that deal with balance like the martial arts.  It is good for emotional harmony, strengthening family and friendship bonds.  This stone is good for calming, training and healing pets, especially dogs.  This stone of balance helps to ground and center the wearer.  It helps to harmonize and keep composure in intense situations and aids with stamina.
dragon blood jasper
Dragon Blood Jasper - also called Dragon Stone this legendary crystal is believed to be the remains of dragons with the green depicting the skin and the red depicting the blood.  Like the dragon, the stone has a fierce strength, courage and vitality energy.  Increase your will power and inner strength with this lovely and powerful healing stone.
fire opal Fire Opal:  The fire opal is a stone of love & passion and brings a fiery energy and spirit to the wearer.  The Mexican opal is associated with love and wealth and the positive energies of this stone can improve the energies of the human body.  It will increase your passion and creativity and stimulate and motivate the wearer while improving personal and work relationships and your quality of life.
Fluorite Fluorite - helps to calm and sooth your mind and provides clarity by eliminating distractions from the mind.  It is excellent for frustrating mental blocks, this stone balances and grounds you during challenging times.  Get rid of confusion and chaos with this wonderful and beautiful stone.
Garnet - is stone of commitment and encourages personal and business relationships .  A re-energizing stone it helps to protect the wearer and release any negativity they may have encountered.   It will cleanse the chakras of negative energies and re-energize them.  A manifesting stone, it brings business and financial success.   Garnet helps to relieve the immune system, heart issues and promote general good health.
Hemimorphite Hemimorphite - aids the body in healing on all levels.  It helps with weight loss, pain relief, blood disorders and memory and heals at the cellular level.  Good for hormonal imbalances, burns, restless legs, and ulcerative conditions.  Blue hemimorphite reduces physical pain, bone pain, detoxifies, supports lung healing and is an aid to help you to stop smoking.
Hematite - This is the strongest grounding and protecting stone and can be used for EMF protection as it absorbs EMF energies. When your thoughts run wild and you cannot maintain a focus, this stone balances and harmonizes the mind, body and spirit.  Hematite can enhance your memory, controls stress and provides grounding clarity.  It can calm emotions, mental stress, increase rational thought and decision making.
iron zebra jasper Iron Zebra Jasper:  A stone of strength, creativity and balance, this special stone encourages you to move and enjoy life and living.  Recognize and connect to the world around you as the energies of zebra jasper envelope you.  Find your balance and your moment in nature and become more in tune with yourself and the world around you.
Kyanite Kyanite: use this to instantly align all chakras.  Using various forms of kyanite together creates a powerful energy as they will magnify each others effects and energy.  Use to assist in healing of broken bones, invasive surgeries, traumas, seizures and strokes.  It is a natural pain reliever, effective with weight control, blood pressure and inflammation. It aids in creating new neural pathways around damaged areas and is very effective with functions of the cerebellum and nervous system.
Labradorite - can help you find a deeper inner consciousness, a world where your creativity can run wild.  This crystals' properties are linked with the third eye chakra, the energy field that discovers spiritual expansion and the higher levels of the mind and spirit.   Labradorite will give you confidence, perseverance, and help guide the wearer through challenges.  It helps with addictions, brain, eyes, and stomach issues.
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli - is a truth crystal that promotes self awareness and knowledge of truths you may have kept hidden, and the acceptance of those truths.  Lapis Lazuli enhances circulation and improves cardiac rhythm, lowers blood pressure, and can help with sleep.  It can relieve worries, Increase your concentration, and decrease stress and anxiety levels.  It helps with aches and pains from the eyes, head, bones, etc.
Lava Stone

Lava Stones are energy absorbing stones, it removes negative energy and emotions that block your energy from circulating.  Used in healing  therapeutic hot stone massage for its ability to alter energies and draw out pain with its healing warmth.  Lava stones grounds the wearer and create a deep connection to mother earth.


Malachite - is a powerful protection stone against physical harm.  It is used for emotional healing and treating emotional trauma.  It helps manifest, balance and bring abundance.  It brings healing and positive energy during times of transformation.  Malchite finds and removes energy blocks that may be causing the wearer harm.  It helps to balance the wearer, treat asthma, arthritis and anything dealing with bones.

Moonstone Moonstone - is an intuition stone - Helps to bring creative possibilities and Increases patience.  It is a strong healing stone with a feminine energy that can heal and restore you to a natural wholeness.  Moonstone is associated with the moon and helps to release unnecessary stress, helps the reproductive system and digestive system.
moss agate

Moss Agate releases deep-seated fear and stress, while enhancing your personal space and growth.  A Stone of Nature and new beginnings it promotes emotional balance and good health.  Moss agate releases bad habits and allows you self forgiveness.  Attracts abundance and improves self-esteem.  It helps the wearer’s general health and is good to use when working to get over physical and emotional trauma.  The stone can help as as anti-inflammatory agent, treats swelling, prevention of dehydration, treats colds and flu,  skin & fungal issues,   and can heal digestive problems.

Muscovite Muscovite - is a stone of awareness, possibilities and intuition.  It helps to lessen self doubt and promote a positive attitude and unconditional love.  It is a problem solving stone providing you with direction if you have been holding yourself back, teaching you to learn from your past and move to your future with confidence.
Ocean Jasper Ocean Jasper - A stone of joy, optimism and positivity this stone brings a positive outlooks into the wearer’s life.  Use this stone to draw you back to what is important and to erase the jumbled, stressful and erratic thoughts of the day.  Ocean Jasper helps the wearer to focus and lifts negativity so that the wearer can appreciate and enjoy all the blessings that are a part of their lives.
Opalite Opalite:  is a man-made glass resin that mainly contains the mineral dolomite that is fused with metal. It is known as The Merchant Stone and is used to achieve success with business.  Despite its man made roots, it has long been used as a healing stone due to its mineral makeup.  It can aid you to understand your inner self and desires, it expands your sexual experiences, leads you towards success, helps anxiety and an inner sense of peace and calm.
Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper - Also called the "stone of awareness" this stone is deeply connected to the earth, helping you to connect deeply during meditation.  This is a comforting and nourishing stone and its energy can fill you with confidence. It aids in removing blockages holding us back, removes creative blocks and helps to improve our immune system and strengthen our bones

prehnite Prehnite - is a very strong physical healing stone that can help determine the root cause of an illness.  It enhances inner knowledge and spiritual growth.  Prehnite is both a heart chakra and solar plexus chakra stone.  It is good to use in meditation and can provide you with insight into future events - a gift of prophecy.
Red Aventurine

Red Aventurine - is a stone stone of vitality and renewal.  Use it to restore your libido, or when recovering from a surgery or illness, or when you need to find inspiration, creativity, and motivation.  When you are in a slump or feel depressed and defeated, red aventurine helps to open our minds up again to new possibilities. Physically, red aventurine helps with blood pressure.

Red Creek Jasper

Red Creek Jasper:  Jasper was worshiped by ancient civilizations as it was known as a stone of protection.  It will provide balance to the facets of your life and will help organize your thoughts and stimulate your imagination.  Use this stone for grounding, stability, and stress release.

Metaphysical Attributes:  Healing, Protection, Grounding
Chakra:  Root


Red Jasper

Red Jasper - is  a stone of  physical energy, vitality, and protection.  It enhances your stamina, energy and endurance.  It is also a grounding stone that brings stability and helps with physical strength, vitality, vertigo and any type of weakness. It is uplifting and joyful and uncovers creative energies.

Red Porcelain Jasper

Red Porcelain Jasper - This stone is known for its low soothing frequency and creates peace and calmness in the wearer.  It is a strong healing stone and can bring physical and mental strength.  It is also known as a stone of passion and can restore your drive physically and creatively.  It can release anxiety and fear and infuse a positivity for life in the wearer.

Metaphysical Attributes: Healing, Protection, Grounding
Chakra: Root

Red Snowflake Jasper

Red Snowflake Jasper - This dynamic stone is a powerful stone of protection and brings inner strength.  It promotes passion and sexuality, endurance and stamina.  This is a grounding stone and can be used for healing, balancing, and releasing blockages and imbalances. 

Metaphysical Attributes: Grounding, Protection, Endurance
Chakra: Root

Rhodonite Rhodonite - Helps to bring self worth and emotional healing and brings compassion and forgiveness. Rhodonite helps to accept, forgive and give love to others in order to bring peace into the wearer’s life and troubled relationships.  Use this stone to calm yourself.  It helps the immune system, joint pain and healing the throat.
rocky butte jasper Rocky Butte Jasper:  This beautiful stone links the energies of the wearer to the energies of the earth.  It brings healing to the torso area and starts you anew on a new journey and new beginnings.  It provides emotional strength and relieves anxiety while working to ground, clean and align the lower chakra of the torso.  Rocky Butte Jasper is a powerful gentle stone of protection and spiritual guidance.
Rose Quartz Rose Quartz - The unconditional love stone, it helps the wearer nurture the love of family, friends and love of self.  It brings calming and reassuring energy during tough times.  Rose Quartz aids the female reproductive system, releases stress and improves the circulatory system.  This stone is good for balancing your emotions and self esteem.
Ruby Zoisite Ruby Zoisite - this stone engages the bodies own energy field to amplify spirituality.  For those who are grieving, it helps to release your pain and sorrow and find the comfort to move forward in life. It relieves inflammation, promotes balance and health for the immune system, heart and lungs.  It is helpful for fertility and in fighting infections.
Rutiliated Quartz Rutiliated Quartz - This treasured translucent stone contains tiny golden hair like strands that stand out beautifully when illuminated.  This stone is associated with cleansing and purifying and providing heightened clarity to the truth of your emotions and underlying desires.  Using this stone to meditate will clear your mind of unwanted confusion and focus your thoughts into a deeper consciousnesses.  This stone provides an etheral energy and helps to ground and balance all the chakra centers. 
Shungite Shungite:  Shungite has metaphysical properties that make it useful for both healing and EMF protection.  It has electricity conducting properties and can boost the power of an electromagnetic field.  It can help in easing anxiety, insomnia, inflammation and acne.  It can absorb negative energy and protect you from negative energies aimed at you.  Shungite encourages a positive attitude and is able to smooth out the energy around you or around your home.  Shungite can be used to purify water and  to absorb and completely neutralize the dangerous frequencies from EMF radiation. 
Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz - this is one of the best stones for balancing and grounding.  It will bring you clarity for what negativity is holding you back, and show you  the path you need to take.  Transmute negative energies  with smoky quartz.  It helps to relieve depression and gives you a joy for living.  It soothes both physical and emotional pain.

Snow Quartz

Snow Quartz - use this stone to activate your crown chakra and connect to the metaphysical. It dispels negativity and is known for being an observation stone as well as a calming stone. It stimulates your innate capacities for compassion and empathy with all living things.  It allows you to better interpret your world around you and messages conveyed to you.


Sodalite - this is a logical stone that can help you express the words needed in relationships and business discussions and negotiations.  It brings confidence to the shy and timid and courage to those who are oversensitive and defensive.  It brings logical clarity and widens the perspective of the wearer so that they are more effective.

sonora jasper Sonora Jasper:  This stone is a mixture of Chrysocolla and cuprites.  It brings self confidence, self worth and positive energies to the wearer.  It increases creativity and is used for problem solving and challenges.  It provides you with the strength and courage to face difficult situations and life lessons.  It infuses its life energies to the user.
Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Quartz - This holds all the same properties as Clear Quartz but it also is amplified with additional qualities of inspiration and facilitation of hidden knowledge.  This enhances love, generosity, and gratitude to emanate from the wearer.  This is a good stone to use while meditating.

Sunset Dumortierite Sunset Dumortierite:  This is a stone of intellectual ability and mental strength and clarity.  Bring order and control to your life and let your aura be cleansed.  Dumortierite is a lucky stone for wealth and success and is good for those growing a business.  It envelopes peace, love and understanding with relationships and its cleansing properties allow you to become more attractive to others as they will sense your strong intellect, drive, and calm manner.
Tiger Eye Tiger Eye -  Known as a stone of protection, Tiger Eye brings good luck and prosperity to the user.  It is also known as the traveling stone.  It brings insight and clear thinking while focusing the mind.  It provides protection from people who wish you negativity or harm.  Tiger Eye allows you to gain insight into situations and circumstances you normally would not see.

Turquoise - a personal protection stone as well as a stone of friendship and communication. This beautiful stone has healing effects with its positive, life-affirming energies.  Directly connected to the healing energy of water, this is a wonderful stone to meditate with and to help with healing.  Program your turquoise to aid you with heath and happiness. Physically, turquoise is good for healing depression and panic attacks.


Unakite - This is a powerful stone for emotional healing.  It helps to create a balance in all aspects of life, be it emotional, spiritual or mental.  When you are feeling torn or trapped or that you have to sacrifice one thing for another, then this is the stone for you.  It helps you find the needed balance to get through this rough time. It helps to balance emotions and heals the emotional self.  It is a stress reliever allowing you to break through barriers and achieve success.  It helps to heal muscles, the heart, and overall health.  It is beneficial for the reproductive system and during pregnancy.

White Howlite

White Howlite - is a stone of enlightenment and awareness.  It promotes serenity and helps you to focus your mind.  It is a good calming and meditating stone.  White Howlite is a calm and peaceful stone that helps to reduce anxiety and stress.   It encourages emotional healing and eliminates selfish, rude and greedy behaviors.  It helps the bones and can help with insomnia and works to eliminate pain.

Yellow Calcite

Yellow Calcite - the energies of this stone help to increase your strength and vitality while clearing your mind and providing enhanced wisdom. It gently lifts you up and energizes your body and your intellect.  It helps the Solar Plexus Chakra and increases personal power, hope and self-worth.  It helps to boost your immune system and is especially helpful for those with intestinal issues like IBS.